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Video: Meeting of Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers (December 20, 2011)

Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers conducts meeting at Denden Hall Asmara, 20 December 2011- In a meeting it conducted today at Denden Hall here in the capital, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the budgetary allocation and implementation of overall national development in general and the integrated development plan for 2012, following the presentation of a working paper by President Isaias Afwerki outlining... 

Meeting of Eritrean Ministerial Cabinet concludes

In the evening hours yesterday, the Eritrean Ministerial Cabinet reviewed accomplishments in the sectors of transport and communications, land, water and environment, as well as finance. It also mapped out future action programs in these sectors. The Cabinet of Ministers stressed that developed and efficient services regarding transport and communications is decisive for economic growth. The meeting... 

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