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Eritrea Movie Sidra

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  1. bereket says:

    debesay u are a strong producer keep it

  2. hagrey says:

    i like sidra movie………..

  3. selam says:

    i like sidra

  4. shanel says:

    btaami ye zfetwa sdra kexlwo agokum


  5. seseg says:

    Sidra is awesome …
    That old lady is funny…

  6. Ghirmay says:

    "SIDRA"  it's was great movie but abti tawseti eti kehwen zegebo gasbahryate gudeltate nayrwo bahlyi eya neabente kame ada wye kame sabyi Zersenay koyna zetwasate Ganet ( Sidon ) kendaa zekwen wadi ( Akelilu ) hawa eu zemasel enbre wada aymaselne eu nayeru . bati nayi Ganet ( Sidon ) bota Waynarge ( Beki – Negesti ) kam sebayi Zersenay ketkawen nayrwa . beztrafa tsbuke dirma . And tsbuke dirsate Debesye & Abel !!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    sidra tmirti eya kotsuluwo eye zblekum nay behaki driset
    kab azu zfetwokum daniel eritrawi ab switzerland zkmet

  8. semira says:

    good job debesay .

  9. titi says:

    kipp it up betaemi tsebketi film des tebleka tanx eri tv   

  10. azeb says:

    it  nice movie

  11. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    The whole world need show like this!!!!

  12. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    And for today's episode I have the following Tigrigna Msaletat (proverbs)
    A. Kw'a'yeka B'edka, Kzhleka Bmanka.

    B. Kab Ghu'y'y Mw'a'l Ksad Mhaz
    C. Me'n Mkhanka Knfelteka Mezawirtkha Nghereni
    D. Blih I'tkhun Entay Da'aa Metewa'li
    E. Semi'a Elka Seb I'yt'tzla'e
    I hope you/all understand those proverbs (Msaletat)and hope you/all share one another. Thank you!!!!

  13. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    And the episode of the January 30,2010. And today is Thursday March 18, 2010.
    A person like actress Nghsti/y called Devil (Shaitan) and the person who was with her the one who advice her not to tell, Called Angel. So advice for everybody to stay away from people like Actress Nghsti/y. Thank you!!!!

  14. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    And this episode of February 06,2010. And today is March 18 ,2010.

  15. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    Sorry I Submit the previous comment by mistake!
    And this episode of February 06, 2010. And today is March 18 2010.
    This episode out of reality to many or most of Eritrean people. However, it is good wishful,and I hope many people of Eritrea will have the same opportunity!!!! Thank you.

  16. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    And So far those shows or episodes as you called them Educational! Yes indeed they are!! And I hope all Eritrean people will learn from them. Keep up all the Excellent work!!!! Thank you.

  17. lidiya says:

    ya sedra eta zefetwa tekatatalit derama keselewa pzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. bedeho akriya says:


  19. seseg says:

    I love that movie— Abay Mikiri eya nay lomi especially

  20. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    Today's episode is typical what's true culture I/we grow up to similar family of toady' episode.

    And here is how.

      Even so the Grandmother's acting using christian words, but she is saying Islamic value.One good things I reminded today is don't say to a guest can I make a tea or lunch etc, just make to her or him a tea, a coffee or a food. If she or he drink it or eat it fine, but if she or he do not , you can take it back. No harm done.

        And the communication between mother-in-law (hamat) and daughter-in-law (sety-wedi) is excellent, this way suppose to be. However, this type relationship was not the case in my family.

        And in the case of the son is good job even so some times complains is happen in many culture of this world.

       And the husband's acting is also excellent. look how he help the old man by asking the right question and by good intention to help and after the situation was not success look how, he invite the to his place to rest and to have some food even to stay over night, this the culture of Jeberti/y and the rest of Eritrean as far as I know. And also you can see it on many cultures of this world. And this is Islamic value or way, if you know what Islam is. But this kind moral value is lost on many nations, cultures, religions and in polices, if you know true democracy. In the beginning all those societies value was good even excellent, but because of evil human Devils and  bad Jinns it cause problem instead solving things.

          And the following you may believe or not, but  I will tell you anyway.

         Asmara was the first city in this whole world and Adam and Eve/Hewan/Hawae were the first couple as some of you know and after they had children they were the first family and after they multiply they started to have Clan and then trip (Biher)(Culture)(Quebila) and the first Biher was Jeberti/y .

        And stay tune for how the trip multiply and how or why they were divided and what was the reason of their division.

      And to the Jeberti/y think why we do not have Biher Jeberti/y until now and what did we do wrong and what did we keep the right things. My advice to all Jeberti/y of this world be proud for who you/we are and be aware of our mistake/s

       And sorry to Biher Tigrigna, there is no such Biher Tigrigna, but Tigrigna is one of three heaven's Alphabet and Tigrigna is one of heaven's languages.

       And to Eritrea government and to Eritrean people teach to this whole world to it's six plus one continents this show sdra and our Ten Biherat. And learn from your/our mistakes. It's very important to know what are your/our mistakes, to tell you, there is one and only one big mistake we all people of this world and of the universe seven of them but with out heaven, because there is no mistake or wrong things in the heaven. 

        And finally know what is that  one big mistake? It is not believing in one Allah and to know yourself.

    And keep those five questions in your mind.

    A. Who are you?

    B. Who is your creator?

    C. Where you come from?

    D. Where are you going?

    E. What is the purpose of life?

    With Love

    Ibrahim Said Ali IS ( ISA/ JESUS/ YOSUS)

    Qdamiye Meghabi 12, 2002 amete mhret

    Saturday March 20, 2010 Common Era

    Aset  04, 04 1431 Hijri

    Qedam 12, 03, 0000 Felema AMETE MHRET

  21. bereket says:

    great movie i love it thaks to all sidra members

  22. Musie says:

    see you

  23. fish england says:

    really really very winderfull movie. don't please finish early

  24. Anonymous says:

    alekumley do antum seb qedeme

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. shalom says:

    that is relaly nice, bhaki nsebhadar tmhr kemey fkri abi trgum kemzelewo

  27. Achayo_ASLI says:

    waww nice movie sidra i like ………

  28. saba says:

    i like y Eritrean cauntry

  29. saba says:

    and our films, musics

  30. Guest says:

    sidra is a great movie
    i love it

  31. Meqes the Lu'ul Mekonnen says:

    Abel and Debesai, you guys are doing a remarkable job. I anxiously wait for the week to roll up and watch the Sidra movie. Please keep hammering the good work. Debesai, you may not remember me, but I do remember you very well since the time you displaced from Halay Secondary School and completed your high school with me at the then Lu'ul Mekonnen, now Hafeshawi Secondary School. Ever since, I enjoyed your artistic works. The first impression I had with your work was in the drama you presented at the end of our 12th grade age. I remember when you were an Anouncer and never forget the joke you told us about the "boy who couldn't cross the pillow between him and the girl he loved utmost after they spend the whole night in her families house" 

  32. haben eritrea says:

    dearest debesay weldu ,
    Thanks a lot for your educational drama i am sure every body is learning so many things from this movie .you are such a good produser gooooooooood job

  33. Salem says:

    Sidra abakum alo kumneger…ketsluwo…..neti newram ahfrwo…neti gegena gestswo….btaemi meharitn azenagaetin medeb…stright to the point…Good job guys.

  34. seseg says:

    Really like that Drama — Educational

  35. Swiss Boy says:

    Nice Move

  36. Hall  Dabasay woldu   your  job is real very good , your comedy and tragedy  film is nice .
    and the actors are very good faces  , dresses, cultural activity  and the poplar very actor likes old mother
    she is the first and i put in the first septum because her accent and strong and honest face 
    we will give you  moral  every day just going by your way good job
    greeting wedikeshi

  37. Hall  Dabasay woldu   your  job is real very good , your comedy and tragedy  film is nice .
    and the actors are very good faces  , dresses, cultural activity  and the poplar very actor likes old mother
    she is the first and i put in the first septum because her accent and strong and honest face 
    we will give you  moral  every day just going by your way good job
    greeting wedikeshi

  38. netsanet says:

    i love sidra its really awesome i wish they do it  in dvd me and my husband  rezene love it

  39. michael says:

    debesay  you doning great job

  40. wemera says:

    i  like  this  movie  i  love  it  just  keep  it  good  job  and  good  act   but  u  killing  to  us  i  mean  for  foriene  u  guys  right  why  they  live  in  hotel  perfect  they  do  same  body 

  41. bedeho akriya says:

    Sidona Redei betaemi nifieti actor eki kestliyo bertiei

  42. Gebremariam says:

    it is wongerfull Job just one  and main thing missing is when they eat they have to Pray this is our Good calture and Sidrabet Maner let's not loss it !

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. millimayz says:

    goog movie btai tsbuk drama nay sdra ketsuluwo kab WA

  45. Eritrean Peace & love says:

    kef alewa ya habayib

  46. Awet says:

    This movie reminds me my old childhood in Asmara. For me it is memorable. Tanxs Debessay Weldu.

  47. Anonymous says:

    wow thats fantastic movie i love everything i am realy proud to this movie

  48. ghirmay says:

    btaemi   tsbku  ala   ketsluwa   trah  mara  ena  nsbeya

  49. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    Yes Asmara is beautiful but improvement. We all love Asmara. Because it is the first city of this entire world. However, we need to do our search to know better. And I will tell any new information I got Insha-Allah.

  50. ambes says:

    wooow sidra i like it good topics gays every week ,keep it up.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Sidra bita'imi timhirti tihib, sinesrat, kibret, fikri, tegedasnet abmengo Sidrabet kihulu zidefafaka tsibikti family movie mikauna bitaimi anen sidrayen yemesginekum. Keepup the the good work. Thank you again.

  52. trhas says:

    sidra movie is the best! debesay, btaemi tsbuk u gen ab tewasaeti edme malet genet adiom ktkewun aimesln u so kalie ktdeli ala.

  53. Fevu says:

    ayewe asmara…

  54. Anonymous says:

    i like the movie of sidra that learn us about familiy

  55. roni says:

    btami eya meharit azenagit des tbl film ketslwo

  56. eritra says:

    where is the beginning of this movie

  57. Anonymous says:


  58. jolly says:

    "SIDRA" nay behaki mehariritin abnetawitin film ,metsae wey (feture) nay Eritrawi sidrabet kikewin zelwo ententsebarik film amuzing Eritrean film nimejemerta giziye zireakiwa eya ane nibaeley buzuh temahirela aleku nibuzuhat Eritrawian kiriewa win kiedimom eye , etehebin sirah ,and every body is acting good in good portion , thanks every body in there !

  59. abraham says:

    btaemi  des tbl movie ab mulue sdra bet  kemzi aynet bahli  kwers ymne  kemzi aynet bahli  kwres  entekoynu  dma  bzey dkam abertiekum ktserhlu ylabo  yekenyeley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     KAB  GERMEN

  60. simon says:

    hi  Qetslwo  des zibl movie eyu tewasati and debesay  dma qetslo ty

  61. Frezgi From Geneva... says:

    I love sidra ,  it's just like some thing you could get a lot of lesson….

  62. hawitay says:

    hi move sedera betami tebketi eiya maharte zekone felim eiya tenx

  63. Ibrahim says:

    What a funny women is she. Every time I watch this movie, there more fun that before that day and also there is a lot of informations. Keep it up bro.         I LOVE ERITREA.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I really love Sidra

  65. Yonas says:

    I injoy all of you so please keep going on..

  66. Yonas says:

    I really like your move ,so please keep going on!

  67. Afeworki says:

    Sidra has  very important meassge in our region and in socaity  so please keep it . i am thankyou to Debesay and Robel give as important meassge. thankyou very much

  68. dum says:

    i like sedra

  69. abam says:


  70. wedi asm says:

    miss amerika kettewadaderoo aytkilen ikka 300 mil bi 4mil  

  71. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    And today's May 15, 2010 show is Very Interesting Show. And one interest thought of today to is, having liberation does mean having peace. And to me and I hope to all people of the Eritreans and the people of this world, 'real liberation means real peace of mind and spirit.' And I hope one day and on will have the real peace to this 6+1 continent wold.
    Insha-Allah.(by will of Allah).

    Wednesday May 19, 2010 Common Era
    Rob Ghnbot 12 ,2002 Amete Mhret
    Al-Arbe'ae 05,  06, 1431
    Robu'e Werhi Hade A'let 03 0001 Kal'ay AMETE  MHRET.(This is my own Calendar)

  72. Ibrahim Said Ali says:

    Selam to all Eritrean:
    Ruhus Ba'al Netzanet Yghberelna and Yghberelkum.

    Happy Eritrean Independent to All Eritrean.

    Eid Se'Ed Lil'EstQlal Likulu Eritri.

  73. Awet says:

    I like sidra movie, it is very interesting. I admire the husband and wife there are rare Eritrean family like them, I hope Eritrean's to learn from this movie and change their way of living.
    Thankyou Debessay Weldu & the Actors

  74. asm---no says:

    hi w/asm hakika eka mis men tzareb aleka emoni zeyfelto nyo belom

  75. samuel says:

    20 sen  zelalmawy  zekri ne sematat

  76. rahel says:

    bela zekone eiya sedra ady regbe ka bela nay negesti zerba ka kefe elawo
    tesehkeka beka

  77. Anonymous says:

    i love eritrea

  78. Michael says:

    This movie draws a lot of lessons especially to the young generation. Lets not miss it and try to restor and keep  our exceptional culture.

  79. Fevu says:

    This is very educational, thank you Debesay

  80. eden and sesen says:

    We all thank you for making the show or movie sdra for us. It  helps us to improve of how we live and how the family suppost to live.WOW! by the way you are a great actors and we admire Debessay and the actors as well. thank you for making this. WE LOVE YOU!

  81. meron says:

    I love sidra!!!!!! debesay keep the good work up and btw I love all of ur films as well (:

  82. feven says:

    hi i really appricate for sdra movie b\c sdra teach as good things plz contuné guys thx lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. kahsai hadgembes says:

    We all thank you for making the show or movie sdra for us. It  helps us to improve of how we live and how the family suppost to live.WOW! by the way you are a great actors and we admire Debessay and the actors as well. thank you for making this. WE LOVE YOU!

  84. matiwos says:

    hi eri tv betami bela bela sidra behlefi betami special ok keep that movie 

  85. elsa says:

    hi i just want to say thanks for every thing u done guys. i realy enjoy waching sdra movie and i learn a lot so keep it up ok.

  86. zufi says:

    Hi , Mr. Debesai I, personally I admire all your work. ….keep it up plus when I watch tv which is the program that you host which is correct me if I am wrong the " bahlna ab mkbal gasha " your altittude is very positive ,u make it fanny and teachable,,,,,,thank's Mr. DEBESAY WELDU again for the hard work

  87. sono dal switzerland vi ringrazio per quello che avete fatto speciale per debesay e sister  secondo me e molto importante spero che continuate vi saluto tutto arrividerci e buon weekend

  88. Elsa says:

    I love Sidra movie great family wish every house hold be like that. Keep up the good work I LOVE EVERYBODY!!

  89. Anonymous says:

    lovv eri tv

  90. goitom habtezghi says:

    i am very sorry about this part only i like the show but this does not with our culture and the way they represented it it was now good on this point way they pass it to the show i am di appointed any way we should not show to family ot be as boy friends and in a big show wich is every bady is waching it any way they should have bord wich control that kind of show any way i like the parts is good i like it

  91. very sweet i hope all the people they  have good lesson from this and work hard to stop this diseass

  92. Pheben says:

    12/25/10 episode of "sidra" was a very good message! thanks Eri-Tv!

  93. lili says:

    ab hadar sebeyti kitmelk kola u eti hadar zqitsil

  94. goitom habtezghi says:

    i like it dig it more and give it more time

  95. Anonymous says:

    very nice when i see my tradtional music it is interesting  but i am afred to extinict  tradtional of eritrea

  96. Anonymous says:

     Its very interesant to those d onot anderstand the meaning of love and familly i appriciate dat god jobb guys !

  97. Sesin Seyoum says:

    ‘Sidra’ has become one of the most cherished shows in the Eritrean TV. It
    delivers much more than 25 minutes of laughs and life lessons. Perhaps, few
    could have predicted that ‘Sidra’ would become the most awaited TV show by
    viewers inside and outside of Eritrea. With the modernization of technology,
    those who are not able to watch it on TV can catch it online– thanks to
    websites such as eastafro. Nearly everyone could relate to the warm and loving
    family of ZereSenay (Desale Tekle), his wife Ghenet (Sidon Redie) and their
    children Aklilu (Mulughete H/Gaber), Tmnit (Fiyori Jusophe), baby Mikal (Selam
    Teklezhghi) with their grandmother Adey Rigbe (Atsbehet Yohans).
    The family of ZereSenay lead their principled life by being example to other
    families. They educate viewers that, by being principled and having planned
    lifestyle, you can lead a peaceful and progressive life-from keeping food on the
    table to protecting your children from street crimes and wrongdoings. The show
    is also tribute, especially to the resilience of low-income family determined to
    be better than their circumstances. It also brings the notion that by having a
    good communication within family members, hard circumstances can be eased. The
    good communication between Zeresenay and Ghenet creates a peaceful family life.
    Ghenet tolerates her mother in law Adey Regbe because her husband treats her
    with respect and delivers his fair-share day in and day out. 
    As every act from Atsbehet Yohans to baby Selam Teklezhghi is so natural at what
    they do, it's no surprise that TV viewers have become addicted to the show.
    Sidra became different from other TV shows as it delivers the daily occurrences
    in the Eritrean households- whether it is Aklilu arguing with his sister Tmint,
    Zeresenay disciplining his children or Adey Rigbe’s hilarious complaints that
    the daughter-in-law Ghenet does not look after her properly. More importantly,
    it manages this feat while presenting families from all backgrounds.
    Of course, the show has its shortcomings. Perhaps some attention to detail is
    needed. For instance on the April 9th  episode when Aklilu and his friend
    finished their exercise in the gym, instead of drinking unhealthy drink like
    Coca-Cola, it would have been better if they had fresh fruit juice. The message
    was about being healthy, but the detail was a little contradictory. Also the
    children seem to be too perfect, and ZereSenay and Ghenet, despite raising three
    children and having demanding careers, never seemed too stressed or engage in a
    little frisky behavior. Still, ‘Sidra’ remains one of the most beautiful and
    educational family shows in Eri-TV. It also paves the way for other Eritrean
    artists to come up with similar educational shows.
    After ‘Anbelbli’ and Milenu, my admiration for Issaias Tsegay’s Timali was
    very high, as it delivered a good picture of the adversity and hardship during
    the 30 years freedom struggle. But ‘Sidra’ is relaxing, educational and full
    of drama. I think the writers Debessay Weldu and Abel Solomon are doing an
    excellent work by delivering these great shows. With the combination of
    fantastic Director Senai Yohans, Camera Samuel Ghirmay and Editor Binyam
    Biemnet, “Sidra’ is becoming a show a lot of people are addicted to.
    Congratulations to the whole crew and thank you for the great show. We are
    waiting for greater shows and may the great work continue.

  98. goitom says:

    they need to work on it and they need to ask experts and new what they are say and all the activety any way i like it

  99. divine says:

    @ goitom i didnt get the reson why u saidur disapointed waching this??? i dont see nothing wrong with this movie just asking.

  100. hiyab says:

    Akedime nikulom tewasaeti bitaemmi yemesgin.ketile dima abi misgana ni Debesay weldu very edicational especialy for those they don't have family love and his kids .hopefully it will pump theier head.

  101. Anonymous says:

    ksjs..k  nmbnbnhjljj

  102. Anonymous says:

    yes, they also should not display their breasts, since it's educational and not our tradition

  103. adada says:

    I like Adey Rigbe Funny Ybel Bella Bella Axbhet

  104. ghebretinsa says:

    i like sidra movie i learning alot of thing

  105. Anonymous says:

    ስድራ – ንመዓልታዊ ንብረት ዓቢትምሕርቲ, so let's listen, learn and practice on our daily live.

  106. Hawi Kulu says:

    ስድራ – ንመዓልታዊ ንብረት ዓቢትምሕርቲ, so let's listen, learn and practice on our daily live.

  107. wow sdra eta shkor film

  108. PERIMELA HAGOS says:

    MESSI HAHAHA watch abuot name

  109. waaaaaaaaew nice movie meharen azenagen kexlwo des zebl eu ab sedet abi tmhrti yekonena  selezelo

  110. ida says:

    I love this show, because it shows Eritrea values. I love everyone in the who, but the granny is my favorite. She is very funny.

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