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Eritrea Movie Dwan

New EriTV Feature Movie Dwan, directed by Fisahaye Debesay (Wedi Keren)

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  1. meron says:

    sorry…..i dnt like this movie because we dnt kno wat they're sayin nd the subtitle is going to fast

  2. mendelay says:

    welahi  lamebeti  esema 5 nefar egl  kula lasewret  egl  lwklo  wkdron  htom  dergi  egl  lahrnbo  tu  wela  kewa  fruram  meslo dehan  lametsa  lahala  kfalat  egl  nrayo  tu  enbateha  lakin  esema  .har he  shabyet  bedi  et  sekbo  asenom  lafgro  ealewni  elomlakin  asenom  ende  afgerwa  kaw  ebskab 

  3. Elsa says:

    To Eri-TV and everyone else involved in the production of "Dwan":
    First, thanks for the impressive production and cinematography that we enjoyed in previously aired movies –  "Bietmenarish", "Maere" and "Timali".
    Sadly, I cannot give a positive feedback on your newly released movie "Dwan". The quality of the picture is very poor and subtitles were moving so fast, I couldn't even follow the story.  After airing three exceptional Eritrean movie series, why are we going backwards? please take this as a constructive criticism because that's how it's meant to be.

  4. it look good even do i don't speak tgre any way the camera me is not good so far and is not clear at all

  5. Anonymous says:

    this movie is good so far, the rest of you need to either pick up on the tigre language or improve your tigrinya reading skills i have no problem reading the subtitles but its just my opinon

  6. Berhane says:

    ERI-TV what happened?? This is the worst movie you ever produced – poor story, poor QUALITY, subtitle not clear and too fast. This movie shouldn't even be presented on a Tuesday morning. 

  7. Eri-tv pls do same think about the comera men but is so fast and not clear at all pls pls  change the camera men

  8. michael says:

    I want say thanks eastafro for posting this movie .
    my comment is like evry one saied the video is too dark so can u do same please + subtitles is very fast so cant follow the story thank

  9. jabri yi says:

    ana reaye egilhabu lehade haleko aget dib suret tu ela film ela mina lahalfa aflam eri tv leferga haget dib suret naya mera hamqet buzuh elitfergni endikon mera girim giltigbae seyeyet yetu.

  10. Berhane says:

    Anonymous number 5  ,i agree 100%

  11. Anonymous says:

    i love this movie ..cuz  i hav understand what are they saying and what wos the aim of the war b/n eritreia and ethiopea
    amd that how wos the heros of ertreian people
    i have learn so good things  and thnx for the eri tv and all ertrean arteste

  12. goitom habtezghi says:

    sorry …. is not yet clear the commera men and the flow of story is not strong at all so why they  shot it i don't understand any way i like it b/c is tigra but  poor flow of story do same think pls

  13. Helen says:

    eri-tv boringgggggggggggggg

  14. GERBEL says:

    wedi keren pls we looking futuer  acters  like seldi abay, gerbel ,gelechew ,saedia kesh kesh ,pawlos and  etc….hwo can present orgin of keren

  15. very sude mensure is died is not clear yet the flow of story and camera man i was not expecting that kind of weak history and the treack are not that mach srtong. i hope do it wil be oky

  16. essays aforki says:

    ali abdu enaty gerika da akbitskyo wedikuyom eqa.

  17. Anonymous says:

    RIP Mensur 

  18. gaual keren says:

    to thoes who do not understand the story ,i feel sorry for them, the movie is not a fiction it is aviously based on true story, so pls do not  understmat the story ,to make a comment is easy but  Eritrian peapole stragled a lot to get to this point,( Ab quinat theywale bellihe).

  19. didi amanuel says:

    ሰላም ኣነ ኣዝየ እየ ዘመስግነኩም ምክንያቱ ኣለ ኣብ ነርወይ ከተማ ኦስሎ እየ ዝክመት ግን ኵ ግዜ እየ ናይ ዓደይ መደብ ዝከታተል

  20. munir says:

    R.I.P to mensur rest in peace brother you have been and will be our great hero!!!!!!! the movie is not that great compare to the other movies i saw in eri tv so far but the story is really good thou and its actually true story too thats why i love this movie coz it shaws you how far we came to get our independence. thanks eri tv and to the actors and actrees for thir dedication
    eri for life  

  21. Anonymous says:

    tibute kola hatera keren taida

  22. :eri5 ;eri5 says:

    yaaya ya eritrea movie is very very nice  ilvy
     tgff asmra

  23. lili says:

    agedasit filim deqi keren tsaida bzuh neger azekakirkumuna

  24. simon says:

    really nice movie.hopefully ll teach young n coming generation sthing if not all about our past.n to these  selfish people who said they dont understand the language read the subtitle is there for u,an idiot, to read if u can.

  25. Anonymous says:

    welai  lafliem  kemsela  et  meanbetiha  laebelo  esema ta  lakin  fsehaye  debesay  awel  mertka  sebat  kaba  mna  lahlfa  ende  draska  et lamtsa  grum  egl  tshke  etfaneka dehan  wo  selam  hadgna  etkum

  26. goitom habtezghi says:

    bzkone is good to see hanti nay tgre film hatsra dma krub knhasro eti adi ashegari nru any way is good job i hope it is the starting point late keep working on best and lovely words of tgrie words grum film

  27. massawina says:

    yibel btaemi tsibikti (grum)ni darasi wedi keren abi mogos yibtahayo nimetsaee kabzi zibeletse ketekrbelna tesfa nigebr tewasaeti eti hade kabti hade hilif zibele kulatom ziwetsom yeblomn kemuu dima kamera man yemane aklilu betaemi adnikeyo .
    awet nihafa hagena wetru titaawet

  28. YPFDJ says:

    It is really beautiful movie and good start specially for our tigri speakers people. I am From keren born in Keren and i love the city our second beautiful city in Eritrea and specially those are some teaching moments for our people in General our history and bravely work. Specially Fessha wedi-keren i know you for long time since our strugle and i was so amaze with your work with the movie. I was wondering what happen to you for all those yrs. After Eritrean indepencey you dispear. I hope some times you play your Tranbet Music. Keep up the good work wedi-keren Tsada.

  29. Gdus haw wedi keren says:

    Btami zbekti film keep it on Fsehaye mees bzotka nay bhaki zbuk mjemar congratulation

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