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Eritrea Movie Hiwet


  1. Anonymous says:

    really nice and amazing movie

  2. mbrak says:

    hiwat btami ab wedi seb zelo zemalat eya

  3. trshi says:

    movie hiwet  btaemi  des tbl  meharitn eyamo  nderasn ntewasietn ydnkom

  4. Anonymous says:

    fantastic move keep it up

  5. Helen says:

    I love this movie its realy educating at the same time entertaning…keep up the good work…Daniel, u are realy a great actor i like u so much..its well written, produced and directed movie..Ere. tv movies grown a lot..

  6. kak says:

    kak poep pis in je onder broek

  7. hani says:

    i love hiwet so much keep up the good work

  8. guet says:

    Though the movie is tantalizing there is a serious flow in its casting. You will find too many episodes , just an exchange of few words and places. This will make lose the taste because too many conflict does not make the movie better but the short episodes will make it the directing very bad

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love hiwet too

  10. Anonymous says:

    I it is realy amazing eritrean movie ai have ever seen!!!!

  11. terrence says:

    This movie is good:)

  12. Anonymous says:

    love it

  13. Anonymous says:

    i like these movie

  14. Anonymous says:

    poo harea i love this movie

  15. Helen says:

    I realy love this movie..they're all the best keep doing what u'r doing..txs for entertaining us..

  16. Chu Chu says:

    I dont no where to begin. I know you guy's are doing a good job. Especially Daniel and Fiyori are real I love how they make the movie real.

  17. Anonymous says:

    this moves is very nice

  18. Anonymous says:

    this moves is very niceeeeeeee

  19. kokob says:

    Ewiyii libika zimisit filmi eyu

  20. Anonymous says:

    ahwat kemei alo hiwet
    selam dikum

  21. selihom says:

    i like this movie, but too short episode. I wish you could add more time to it. thanks

  22. haben says:

    Hiwet  movie  is  wonderfull.  one  thing  i  do  not  like  the  guy  he   effected  by   Hiv,  i  know  he  can  live by  new  medication  like  evey  body  else  ,  but  in  the  party  that  her  friend  she  is  begging  her  to  marry  the  guy  he   has  Hiv.  but  why   she  intresting  to  do  that,  i  remember  her  boy friend  if you  are  not  testing  in  Hiv  she  said  she  would  not  marry.  now  why  she  insited  to  infected her  frind???  producer  this  the Qiuetion  is  for  you.

  23. amankidane says:

    hewet is very good

  24. sunnyshine says:

    hiwet is a good movie. It has an important message. people can learn from this movie.

  25. HANA BERHANE says:


  26. eritra says:

    you eritrea people cheated by the goverment because this shows that how eritrea fail economy other wise  the old grand father daniel no one follow him even if is rich. shame on u eritrea.

  27. Jolly says:

    It is boring and lazy drama, full of imitation and childish.

  28. Jolly says:

    It has no life in it, a one man show- a drunkan and a bad example to our good people in Eritrea! Why can't they pass the job to others young minded who could do it better and so that the children, the future of the tomorrow, might learn something valuable to change the depression and luck of freedom existed there like hell!

  29. dessu says:

    I never seen such a meaningful movie. this was not the life of ERITREAN ppl, but with those who thinks they are the best leaders in the world everything is messed up. Hope the right time and culture will be back soon!!!!!!

  30. mahal says:

    atta atata atatata atatta is this realy really a movie, who the hell does really did this to be sired on the air, may be u guys doesnt know, weys blmdi ekum ….pls do some thing, lleave the stage, cause u not reflevting the Eritrean culture, i say u…r filthy rubish!

  31. abdu says:

    i love this movie this is wonderfull

  32. Anonymous says:

    i loove it.

  33. WKEREN says:

    I realy enjoy this movie and can waite to fallow it sunday after sunday, but all the great act and job, are they getting paid by pfdj becouse it look like they are oing good job but they are not conpansated for their work well good work for free labor by the actors it hurt deep, 

  34. hiwet btami mharit move,,, 

  35. luwam says:

    OMG this movie is truly fantastic n its really taught me a lot about life.Hiwet means Life and in order to have a good life think carefully before you do bad mistakes and regret yourself because in life you will never go back or reverse yourself into what you were before but continue on and on, so that's my lesson from this movie!

  36. im sure it s,movie, we can learn us how to be in danger life,

  37. etsegenet says:

    betam betam kongoooo extremely good.

  38. MERON says:


  39. Wedi-Eri says:

    Jolly, dessu, mahal, and the so called “eritra”:
    Why don’t you go to Mekele and ask your relatives what they love to watch for a movie or drama? Ask them which actor’s or actress’s poster is posted for advertisement in almost every corner of Mekele. They will tell you “Eritrean! Eritrean! Eritrean!”. When they smile, it is because of Eritrea/Eritreans and, unfortunately, when they cry they also 'THINK' it is because of Eritrea. Now, what are you crying about? Please leave Eri-TV and go to your “Sew le Sew” or “Gemena” and see how your relatives are pretending to be what they are not or what the Ethiopian people are not, or how Mekele is “more beautiful” than Addis-Ababa. Your English needs a lot of improvement; I had a hard time understanding what you guys were trying to say.
    As Hana Berhane put it very nicely, “AB HIWET ZELO HIWET NAY BEHAKI HIWET”

  40. rosa london says:

     hi yes so pls do something eritrean men ok dont tray to be a hsbandof 2 you guys allways ……………..i

  41. helensam says:

    wow hiwet is the best move keep it up

  42. giga says:

    i like it

  43. nic movie hiwet i lovie debsa weldu and  acterate

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