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Roommate Allegedly Stabbed Eritrean Migrant Khaled Idris Bahray

Roommate Allegedly Stabbed Asylum Seekers www.welt.de | January 22, 2015 Roommate allegedly stabbed asylum seekers The case of the applicant killed in Dresden is solved: He was stabbed by fellow of the 20-year refugee from Eritrea. Arrest warrant was issued for manslaughter. The slain in Dresden asylum seekers Khaled Idris Bahray appears to have been stabbed by a roommate. The “image”... 

Video: ERi-TV News ‘Zena’ (January 21, 2015)

ERi-TV News Eritrean Television 'Zena' (January 21, 2015)  Read More →

Video: ERi-TV Eritrean Athlete Samuel Tsegay Mendefera Hero’s Welcome Following a Win in Denmark

Eritrea Television ERi-TV Eritrean Athlete Samuel Tsegay's Mendefera Hero's Welcome Following a Win in Denmark  Read More →

Yemen Houthi Rebels Seize Presidential Sites, Missile Base

Yemen Houthi Rebels Seize Presidential Sites www.latimes.com | January 21, 2014 Raised fear of deepening instability in a nation regarded as pivotal to Washington’s counter-terrorism efforts in the Middle East. Assaults by Houthi rebels on Tuesday had sparked speculation that the U.S.-backed government in Sana could fall, prompting an urgent meeting of the United Nations... 

Video: ERi-TV News ‘Zena’ (January 20, 2015)

ERi-TV News Eritrean Television 'Zena' (January 20, 2015) Youth Week of Gash-Barka and Kassala regions conclude ; NUEW branch in Northern Red Sea region extends support to martyrs families and needy women and other top daily Eritrea Television ERi-TV news…  Read More →

Video: ERi-TV Eritrea Sports Weekly Highlights (January 20, 2014)

Eritrea Television ERi-TV Eritrea Sports Weekly Highlights (January 20, 2014)  Read More →

Solomon Zemichael Pleaded Guilty to Three Counts of Robbery

Edmonton Man Wore Mask During Hold-Ups BY TONY BLAIS |  www.edmontonsun.com | January 20, 2015 An Edmonton man is facing a lengthy prison term after admitting Monday to a one-day crime spree consisting of a terrifying armed carjacking and two bank heists. Solomon Zemichael Teklie, 40, pleaded guilty in Provincial Court to three counts of robbery. Crown prosecutor Carrie-Ann... 

Eritrea to Get its Own Catholic Church as it Breaks Ties with Ethiopia

Eritrea to Get its Own Catholic Church as it Breaks Ties with Ethiopia Mark Woods | www.christiantoday.com | January 20, 2015 Pope Francis has established a new Eastern Catholic Church for Eritrea, the first since the early 20th century, in what may be a move to ease the position of Catholics in the country. Roman Catholicism is one of the four religions tolerated in Eritrea, along... 

Meet Nipsey Hussle (Ermias Ashgedom), the Rapper who Wants You to Pay $1,000 for His Album

Meet Nipsey Hussle, the Rapper who Wants You to Pay $1,000 for His Album After leaving Epic Records, the LA rapper had to find a new way to sell his music, and hit on a brainwave – give it away free, but charge a few people a lot. Judging by new release Mailbox Money, it’s working for him Nipsey Hussle: software tool he is using ‘allows creators of the content to own the... 

ISIS Threatens to Kill Two Japanese Hostages

Islamic State threatens to kill two Japanese hostages www.japantimes.co.jp | January 20, 2015 In an online video released Tuesday, the Islamic State group threatened to kill two Japanese citizens unless Tokyo pays a ransom of $200 million within 72 hours. The hostage crisis developed as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was on the final leg of a six-day tour to the Middle East to pledge... 

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