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Selam from Eritrea with Leukemia needs help to survive

Selam Tesfay from Hessisch Lichtenau fighting for the lives of their eponymous half-sister in Eritrea (Africa). The medical assistant in the office of Dr. Klaudia Ress raises funds for the 19-year-old who has leukemia


selam tesfay

Selam Tesfay

Without chemotherapy, they can survive only a few weeks. Help provides the University Hospital Göttingen – but the cost is high.

Selam was until recently a very pretty, vivacious woman. She had started a business degree in Asmara, the capital of their African homeland Eritrea. She had fun, friends, a life. These could all be over soon. The 19-year-old is at ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, see Background) diseased.

In Eritrea, the disease that weakens the immune system and leads to death within a few weeks, not to be treated. Salem is currently in a hospital in Sudan, where she gets a little help, but not much needed chemotherapy. She is very weak, can get up only rarely and has fallen sharply. "Some days it's her so badly that she can not even call me," said her sister Selam Tesfay.

The 30-year-old has the same name, has lived for 15 years in Hessisch Lichtenau and works as a medical assistant in the office of Dr. Klaudia Ress As a teenager she had come to Germany after her parents were killed in the Civil War. Her half-sister and two younger brothers grew up with their uncle.

Selam Tesfay know how bad it is for the life of her sister. It has shown that blood levels of the Sudanese hospital her boss Dr. Ress and forwarded to the oncology department of the University Hospital Göttingen. All agree: Does not Selam help quickly, she will die.

The 19-year-old would have a good chance of recovery because of their youth, but the treatment is expected to cost just under EUR 80 000. This is for the Lichtenauer employees who must care for three children, a non aufzubringender amount – although it is only half of what would normally be paid for the chemotherapy.

In negotiations with the hospital her Harald Germandi stands aside, board member of the organization "Parents help the child with cancer." He has recorded with Dr. Christof Kramm, head of pediatric oncology Göttingen, contact. Germandi will try to lower the price of the treatment even further. In addition, he seeks contact with other foundations and told already that the parents help Selams will support treatment with 10 000 euros. Even Fritz Kaufmann from the Matthias Kaufmann Foundation is committed to the 19-year-old. Can call it an amount not yet, "but I'll try anything," he promises.

Selam Tesfay also hopes to helpfulness of the population. For donations is the account of the "parents help the child with cancer" is available, donation receipts can be issued by the club.

Selam told her sister by a commitment to them in Germany. "Since then she has returned a bit of hope." But help must come immediately, says Dr. Ress who knows their condition. "Otherwise Selam dies and all that was just a nice idea." Donations: Parents' support for the child with cancer, People's Bank of Göttingen, BLZ 260 900 50, account no. 169 770 603, keyword "Selam". Contact the club: Phone 0551/37 44 94, email: info@elternhaus-goettingen.de

ALL is (acute lymphocytic leukemia) is a disease that comes from malignant lymphocyte progenitor cells degenerate. Lymphocytes are a class of white blood cells that play an important role in the immune system of humans. There is a rapidly progressive decrease in bone marrow function. This is accompanied by weakness, bleeding and an immunodeficiency with life-threatening infections. ALL is now curable with chemotherapy in approximately 80 percent of all young people.

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  1. My name is selam Tesfay i am , her sister ,selam ist in germany  Göttingen Uni – Hospitel she have the 3rd.   Chemo Therapie wicht is very heavy  but  I know  its the best what i have ever dan  in my live I am for every help that i got  vrom many Peoples  and GOD. Seve my sister i was Praying evryday  Thank for every thing .  Thank vor all the person who helpd me and still helping me.   Thanks a lot                             My email add.   stesfay34@yahoo.com

    Hi am am Selam i want to say to u all my sis is not felling well this 5 days  and i feel bad abaut this but but what to do . i hope she will be five .  Pray vor her plc.   Thx

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