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Rahwa Afeworki (22yrs): Miss East Africa 2012 Contestant

Meet Miss East Africa 2012 Contestants 

At last, the names are out…

From Eritrea: Rahwa Afeworki (22yrs)

The finale is expected to take place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania….on December 07th 2012


Click here to see all the contestants



  1. Seble Ephrem says:

    The judges will have a very difficult task of deciding as they face these beauties.  They should forget the proverbial "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".  May they all be level-headed, fair, honest, untainted as they tick the boxes and may there be unanimity among them on their choice of the finalist.

  2. Tzegga says:

    Good luck Rahwa, ajoki u will make it

  3. Abeselom says:

    we proud of u rahwa u are beutifu keep going.gual Ere shekore

  4. Please i need a contact of Miss Eritrea organizers i need it urgently. Alhagie Manka( Miss University Africa East-North and West Africa Director) http://www.missuniversityafrica.org

  5. Nohi says:

    Am sure u gone make it Rahwi Shikor…gd luck

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