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Natnael Berhane wins cycling Tour of Algeria 2012


ORAN – The Eritrean Berhane Natnael won with panache Wednesday in Oran (Seafront) the cycling Tour of Algeria in 2012, before the Moroccan Adil Jelloul lÆéquipe of Spanish and Greek Tableware Cycling Team, Joaquin Sobrino.

At the end of the fifth and final stage, won by Algerian Azzedine Laagab (GS Oil), lÆErythréen was ranked first overall individual with a time of 6:26 p.m.: 32, before the Moroccan Adil Jelloul (6:26 p.m.: 56) and the Spanish Joaquinr Sobrino (6:27 p.m.: 02).

The last stage of the Tour was won by the Petroleum Laagab in 3h 26 min 12 sec before the Latvian Smirnovs Andriss (3h 26 min 28 sec) and the Spanish Sobrino (Cycling Tableware / Greece), exactly the same time and that keeps the green jersey of best sprinter.

The Eritrean Tefsom Okubamariam Issak endorse the polka dot jersey of best climber, while the white jersey of best hope rest on the shoulders of his compatriot Berhane Natnael.

The beginning of the fifth and final step, run at Oran a distance of 140 km, was marked by a series of "attacks" carried out by the Eritreans and Moroccans who wanted to control the race before arriving at the entrance Front of the closed sea

After 30 kilometers and running analyzes, the first real breakaway was initiated by the German Kerneck Karsten, who won the orange jersey of combativeness. He has successfully completed a solo breakaway of more than 14 km before being caught by the peloton at kilometer 43.

While attacks were increasing at the platoon level, traveling on a bumpy road in its first part, a group of four riders had suffered a fall at 35 km, with the presence of the yellow jersey Berhane, but without gravity .

At 54 km, four riders managed to take the lead in the race, which the Algerians Abdellah Ben Youcef (GSP) and Bourezza Abderahmane (Sovac Velo Club), taking jusquÆà one minute and fifty seconds (1'50 sec).

On arrival at the town of Belkaid, located up a third category listed, the Algerian Oil GS Laagab Azzedine launched against an attack by the French company Rhone-Alps of lÆéquipe, Julien Viennot. Its two riders managed to join the leading group at kilometer 102.

At the entrance of the closed circuit of the Waterfront, Laagab passes to the next level, proving its qualities of the roller. He managed to take the lead from the second sprint, leaving no chance to his pursuers.



Overall standings (fifth and final stage)

ORAN – Overall the tour of Algeria cycling 2012, at the'' end of the fifth and last stage ridden in Oran (Waterfront), a distance of 140 km.

Standings (individual):

- 1-Berhane Natanael (Erythrée) 18h26.32 

- 2-Jelloul Adil (Maroc) : 18h26.56 (à 24 secondes) 

- 3-Sobrino Joaquin (Grèce) 18h27.02 (à 30 secondes) 

- 4-Periklis Ilias (Grece) : à 46 secondes 

- 5-Chaabane Hichem (Vélo Club Sovac) : à 1Æ14 

- 6-Tamourdis Iqannis (Grèce) : à 1Æ28 

- 7-Laagab Azzedine (GS Pétrolier) : à 2Æ08 

- 8-Smirnovs Andris à 2Æ19 

- 9-Viennot Julien à 2Æ25 

- 10-Meron Amanuel ( : à 2Æ47)

Overall team standings:

- 1-Tableware Cycling Team (Grece)

The jerseys of the Tour 2012:

- 1-Berhane Natnael (Erythrée) : (maillot jaune) 

- 2-Sobrino Joaquin (Grèce) : (maillot vert) 

- 3-Tesfom Okubamariam (Erythrée) : (maillot à pois) 

- 4-Berhane Natnael (maillot blanc)



  1. NekidTeray says:

    Well Done Our Cyclists

  2. Mussie says:

    well he did his legacy …guys if this corner of Africa got it peace and stability, I cans assure every body that  they can always do miracle

  3. Daniel chinu says:

    Bravo Natnael we proud by ur result

  4. marta says:

    Good job Broth….

  5. Merhawi Tewelde says:

    Wedi Berhane the great, god be with you!!!

  6. Ta'awet says:

    Eritrea is heading towards the stratosphere in cycling. Natnael Berhane is taking on the torch from his predecessor Daneil without having touch the ground. This is what they call an Olympic moment.

  7. nahom says:

    men….. dis guy is goin great…. he will be one of de best not only in africa but in de world… keeep up bro we love u….

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