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Video: Eritrean Movie “Hiwet” (PART 34)

Eritrean Movie "Hiwet" (Part 34) in [HQ video, mp3 Audio]: An Eritrean TV Sunday Feature movie and a Debessay Woldu Movie production. Mosaic program and Hiwet movie series are an ERI-TV (Eritrean Television) weekly program broadcasted from Asmara, Eritrea.



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  1. Alem Stefanos says:

    You have made my life so easy that  my interst is my country,  Best wishes to you,  the people of Eritrea specialy my hero's the defence of Eritrea and  president  Isias Afewerki and his family. Eritria got its independent against all oddes, and  never knell down Eritrea.
    Eritrea first, Alwasy, Alemino

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