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Video: Interview with Wedi Tikabo – 2011 Eritrea EID Fest (Part I – II)

Interview with Eritrean Artist Yohannes Tikabo "Wedi Tikabo" on the occasion of Eritrea's EID Festival celebration live from Roof Garden, Asmara, Eritrea on November 6, 2011.




  1. binyam tareke says:

    wedi takabo I have no words to describe how intelligent  artist he is, while I was very disappointed that he did not win on his last song tembelali  keep on

  2. Simret says:

    Wedi Tikabo is truly an authentic singer and song writer.  What makes him essentially different from his peers, where the phenomenon of replicating ones style of music and lyrics is rampant among our contemporary musicians; his is essentially unique in the style of musical composition and poetical writing?
    Listening to his music elevates the soul, and the lyrics are a true reflection of our national identity. 
    Sometimes his music reminds us about our martyrs such as “Merhawi`, and sometimes encourage us with quintessentially patriotic sentiments such as `Hagerey Nimenom Tefkiri“, and sometimes make us challenge temporary obstacles such as “ Tsimbilalie“.
    Although in the interview Wedi Tikabo was modest about his contribution to the development of Eritrean music, however, he has profoundly touched our soul and aroused our strong patriotic sentiments.
    Thank you for your contribution and dedication to the development of the Eritrean music.

  3. AMAN says:


  4. mike says:

    livin legend

  5. A Long time fan says:

    Haaa I knew he was not just asimple singer, I always knew there was something different about him and had no doubt he would be this popular and experienced. I really appriciate and respect his work, am so happy that everybody got to know who he really is.Just one word EXTRAORDINARRY>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. Anonymous says:

    eritrea  eritrea eritrea eritrea eritrea  fliti hger kab ahgratt iya kebla zkel ahaha

  7. Berhane says:

    abey alo eti nay qedamay zuria derfitatna wedi tikabo, mis zimilketo akal tezerarika
    gele neger giber bejaka, kulom ziwedequ btsotna nizikirelu derfitat silezkone natna derfitat
    entebelnayo ewn aywihdenan eyu, ezi ni kalioot zuriatat nmugusay zeykone nihna felemti tarik silezikonina tarikna kisined alewo. kulu nerger nenatu gizie alewo. nay gedli bgbue tedegimu kisined nay agelglot zitederefe wela ab casset aytehatem tedegimu kisined alewo behalay eye. miknyatu tarikna silezkone.
    4y Berged 3y betoloni  3y hayli ( kab hayli wedi lemlem)
    awet nhafash

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