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Video: Eritrean Movie “Hiwet” (PART 15)

Eritrean Movie "Hiwet" (Part 15) in [HQ video, mp3 Audio]: An Eritrean TV Sunday Feature movie and a Debessay Woldu Movie production. Mosaic program and Hiwet movie series are an ERI-TV (Eritrean Television) weekly program broadcasted from Asmara, Eritrea.



  1. milena says:

    hi hi amera i like your film and i like your contry and i like your comedy

  2. milena says:

    hi neyo i love your song  i love you i ne-yo i wont see you wrait now

  3. abraha says:

    brhane zekariyas why u gota be the bad guy man haha but then if u dont have bad guy in the movie there is nothing to learn from it haa… good work i love the fact that eritrea is on its feet to compet with the other world having my own language on the show is impressive…

  4. Gerem says:

    yeees this is getting interesting every part it comes out….
    keep it up guys…. i love the show……..

  5. jemila.t.t says:

    hi,how are you evry body it's very nice movie thanku,

  6. ghenet says:

    Beyene"s family is realy good listen for our country.All poeopl in the comedy good job & learn.Thank you! 

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