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Video: Sawa 24th Round National Service Graduation

Participants Of 24th Round National Service Graduate In Sawa

Sawa, July 16 2011 – The participants of the 24th round National Service graduated in Sawa today at an impressive ceremony presided over by President Isaias Afwerki. The ceremony was also attended by regional Administrators, Army commanders and PFDJ heads, as well as parents of the graduates and invited guests.



In a speech he delivered on the occasion, President Isaias congratulated the graduates, parents and instructors. He further pointed out that relentless efforts are being made to create the necessary groundwork for continuous improvement in successive rounds of the National Service on the basis of the experience acquired from time to time, coupled with renewed commitment and dynamism.“ To this end, concerted action is being taken to make Sawa the center of knowledge and skill beyond military training,” he asserted.

The President reminded the graduates to strive for the acquisition of higher knowledge and skill in the years ahead so as to diligently serve the nation and the society.The graduates of the 24th round National Service staged military parade and took the oath of living up to the trust of martyrs.

President Isaias handed prizes to who demonstrated excellence both at the individual and group.



  1. Teshale says:

    Gdud eskirna………..Yiakil

  2. wed ere says:

     sawa is the cross of our enemy ,keep it up ,God bless Eritrea

  3. wawawiwaw says:

    to look it is nice but ……………

  4. care says:

    ewe ri-ena girm akili girm ri-gi-at, telkumus yikun hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, belet libi nay liba kemzeytinager mis feletet, beluski niketsil tsibah nikinri-e tezeymoytinas ….

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a proud nation – Eritrea!  Long live for my pride.  Thank you Isais Debesay and Semhar Yowhans for the beautiful patriotic song.  You are wonderful.

  6. amazing says:

    Amazing  military skills wow.

  7. solomon says:

    Proud to see the brothers and sister in sawa. Proud to be Eritrean. Proud of our President wediafom. nikid tiray

  8. selam says:

    amlake esrael ni eritrea ybark

  9. fevv says:

     sawa life eri ewe sibuk keep up selamen rehiwan ERITREA SHIKORRRR ERI SHIKORR HIWETAN NAXAKY EKAY

  10. yosef says:

    Eritrea is unbeatable because of uniformed servicemen and women ……now we can sleep peacefully knowing this young men and women are here to defend ERITREA , againest komalat agames . awet n hafash !!!!!!!!!!

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