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Eritrea, African Dream

In the northern part of Africa, Eritrea has always abundant in nature, unspoilt landscapes and cities rich in art. For not getting bored.

Eritrea : the Greek word that means "red", as the name of "his" mysterious sea and with whom she lives a centuries-old symbiotic relationship. In the blue waters lie underwater shipwrecks, off the stunning Dahlak islands: an archipelago has 350 islands and more than 1000 different species of exotic fish in the sea always received clear.



Markets in brightly colored scent of spices, skilled Nakuda dhows that sail the sea on a quiet and slender, the ritual of coffee with the typical "Djebena, nine more in four different ethnic groups and religions living anthology of stories for human and local authorities. In the big cities of Asmara, the capital, and Massawa, the ruling class is mostly composed of Tigrinya, whose ethnicity accounts for about 50% of the population.
Arbat Asmera is the original name of the capital, and refers to "four villages" established by some shepherds out in the twelfth century. It was the Italians who decided that this was supposed to be the jewel of ' Africa , the representation made Italian city of the empire. No coincidence that meet local as the Cinema Empire Bar in Rome, and a neighborhood, to Gheza Banda, in the south-east, originally called "Italian Gheza Banda."

From an artistic point of view, this encompasses all the styles of the early twentieth century: the cubist and futurist architecture alternate with other neo-rationalist and expression, with a nice alternation of art deco houses. And modern art is accompanied by a lot of tradition: the characteristic Medareb stalls, the market of the eighteenth century, the artisans are selling all kinds of items recycled metal.

For quite a spiritual tour, one of the main monuments of the city is the Catholic Cathedral of Santa Maria, in the Lombard Romanesque style. The bell tower of 52 meters (inside eight bells) is the reference point Harnet Avenue, the main street of the city. In Maryam Gmbi Street is the National Museum with archaeological finds of ancient civilizations present in Eritrea and a rich collection of arts and of the nine ethnic groups.

Dahlak Archipelago is part of the national reserve, called "Dahlak Marine National Park." The best islands for snorkeling are Green Island and the islands Entree and Harat. Largest island, Dahlak Kebir, you can find antelopes and gazelles, while on the isle of Dur Ghella proliferation parrot fish and angel fish.


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