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6th YPFDJ Conference in Berlin (video)

VIDEO: 6th YPFDJ Conference in Berlin Report


YPFDJ 6th Conference in Berlin
About 600 Eritrean youth gathered in Berlin Germany for the 6th annual YPFDJ conference, which took place on April 1 – 5, 2010. The youth came from several countries in Europe, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Eritrea. The conference was held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Eritreans for Freedom, an organization, which launched its first conference in Munich in 1970.

The opening ceremony was held in the open grounds of the conference venue with a minute of silence in honor of martyrs, followed by the singing of Eritrea’s national anthem. Part of the ceremony was a drama, presented by YPFDJ Germany, which focused on the early stages of the youth movement in the Diaspora and the struggles encountered by the early members.

During the opening speech, Mr. Yemane Ghebreab, pointed out that for the first time there was a strong youth representation from Eritrea and Saudi Arabia. He also added that the conference, which was being held at the 40th anniversary of Eritreans for Freedom and having one of the founders, Mr. Woldemichael Abraha, among the guests, was a privilege and an honor.

Mr. Yemane pointed out that forty years ago, Eritrean youth formed a movement aimed at liberating their country, and it was successfully attained in 1991. Today, the YPFDJ movement has proved to be playing an important role in creating a strong community.

Throughout the conference, presentations, speeches, lectures and question/answer sessions were held.

Mr. Sultan Saeed, one of the speakers, who attended the 23rd round of Sawa graduation a week earlier, pointed out that the course of history is determined by the youth, and the roles being played by the youth in the Diaspora prove a strong commitment in the defense of Eritrea, He added that recent demonstration that took place around the world against the UN sanctions is a prime example.

Mr. Yemane Ghebreab lectured about Eritrea’s national interest. He explained that national interest means the interest of the masses, not ruling class or other ethnic groups. He added that one of the tenets of the popular front has always been to design a policy that serves the interest of the masses or the Eritrean people. He also pointed out that Eritrea’s people include those who are at home and abroad in the Diaspora.

Mr. Ghebreab explained why the youth holds a central position in the current environment. He said the number of the youth in Eritrea is the majority and also it’s the youth who is at the forefront of making the majority of contribution and sacrifice for the nation. He added that Eritrea’s national interest is achieved when Eritrea’s youth is patriotic, proud of their culture, successful economically and professionally.

Several other speeches and lectures, including one by Sofia Tesfamariam on UN sanctions were presented. Additionally, drama, music, poems, book and merchandise exhibitions were some of the highlights in the five-day YPFDJ conference.



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