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VIDEO: Eritrea Movie Asmarino (Part III)

VIDEO: Eritrea Movie Asmarino (Part III)



  1. wedi amare says:

    i saw the holl film . This film is like dormant person tinking . I dead to adveis to any why dont lost your time .

  2. Nazu says:

    Hi deki Shawiley , it is beautiful movie i love it so much. I love u guys!!!!!!! keep doing, it don't stop it.

  3. robel10 says:

    this movie at last remind me indian movie specialy when the ppl come's to the hospital the way thay walk the way thay act, any way i had a funnnnnnnnn keep up guys

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow this is the best movie ever

  5. Tell Xaada says:

    this is how i feel.my home my dream my asmera

  6. Wdi-Abashawley says:

    wow miss ya shawley  i remenber  enda fiyori too….good job guys

  7. embadoreho says:

    selamat betamy xebuken memeharen film eya  gen retoye keyefeseseku kehalef selezeyedeleku eye  emo. kemezey  tetekewen zeyada bahaly erteraweyan golehu meteraye 1…..Fasilo kab Shawel nab godena Harenet hakufewa kegoyen keshegeren kelo wala hade nay hezebey medenegaxe  kon metehegezaz  ayterayon .kemetey zefelet hezebena tedenagaxen tehagagazen endabelena  beyenu kegoye mereay netey xebuk nayty hezeby kubur bahaly  zefakuso koyenu yesemaka . 2….. bal taxi ne fasilo teshegeru endarayo weredu kehegzos yeteref  meaxo kekefetelu ekua ayterayen 3.. netey nay 500,000   zeteferemelu  wereket   wedi hateney  aferemewom kebeke  kewesedo gen ayterayen , bezekone xebuk filem  eu kebehal zekel

  8. angle of repose says:

    I do like the movie, interms of wedi shuk staff, but i dont think the action of yonatan ever existed, if there are someone who is like yonatan, they must have forgotten survival of the fittest. ,if you follow the wrong way which means you cant survive and  if you cant survive you die. that is the law of nature so what the fuck was he doing. hence make a sensible movie alright. peace for all ya out there.

  9. Fanus says:

    what were they think,when they were making this worthless movie? The makers are indeed the nonsense wedi negedes!!

  10. Gual Edagahumus says:

    I love it Thumbs up , it is realy asmarino that is the spirit of Deki  asmara shkorinata .

  11. balckbern says:

    reto nemetay ekum texeluo mechem kulusa aber kem zey belekum konekum ketkerebu akelekum reto xebuk eu   seb eu nay seb meseteyat okkkkkkk  enbadoreho

  12. yasin says:

    Good job Guys. God Bless u all.

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. shewit says:

    I don't see the point of this movie to show it in Eri- TV. It is not an interesting movie what's so ever. what can you learn from it? In my opinion, they should re-consider before they show this kind of movie on national Tv, they seems like they are giving a wrong impression, to people about what really asmarino is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,really really sad,,,,,,,,,,

  15. mehari(dayday) says:

    generaaly i like it but wat makes selaam ask pastinis real name the second one is i dont like pastinis new voice he must use his original voice coze its nice but good job be brave i realy miss deki asmara

  16. rodas kidane says:


  17. palma says:

    this is a good movies for  those when we were teens drinking siwa enda korats afncha  it  reminds me 20 years ago  it's awesome

  18. kib says:

    Its nice and funny  asmarino movie better than the others

  19. chariiiiiiiii says:

    ziteganene  koynu malet ab mas madia kemzilekumzengikum alekum  ab

  20. Anonymous says:

    hahaha what the — is this?

  21. TEAZABAY says:


  22. Sandina says:

    Hey guys.
    Well this is a good and funny film but not any film is uncritically. I mean the main actor, Jonatan, behaves very good apart from the end. For real he has done everthing to keep on his relationship with his girlfriend Selam but she didn't want him and that's it.I know that u can't equate money with real love but to be honest it's excessive. U know u can and wanna do everything for the real love but u can't lose ur mind 'cause of love. I mean i know what real love is and i've done everything for it but sometimes not every love is worth to fight for it u know. Am i right or what do u think about it (e.g. embadoreho).
    Anyway it's a good film. Keep going ok. Well in my opinion the main actor, Jonatan, deserves the highest praise.Keep on Ermias alias Jonatan. 
    God bless u, take care and one love for u guys.

  23. babulda says:

    Thai is a nice film.   I like very much ……….VIVA Zebihere ASMARINO SHIKOR…..

  24. tantan says:

    well.. tsibikti film eya, wela wn buzuh gegatat entelewa, tewasaeti bitaemi nufuat eyom, tantan, wedi negede, pastini, henok, ambush, selam…. gn hanti widieti film kitkewn tekoyna buzuh nay technik gudletat alewa, eti hafeshawi melikti nayta film gn zinead eyu nufuat, ketsiluwo. deki asmera tsaeda meteabitey mara nafiqekum.  Tantan nebsi emo metselel kef aleka adey mearey.

  25. keren says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love the movie but they has to be long cuz it is very funny

  26. sami says:

    metselelllllllll des tibil movie i like it keet up guy ur act

  27. haweni says:

    himak film 

  28. Anonymous says:

    mi piace mooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    da verø

  29. senita says:

    ayeee deki asmara sada wesom heyawot ewe.bitamiiiiiiiii iye sinafikekum. love u all deki asmara

  30. Anonymous says:

    hey wuwuw i love this moive<3
    gele aynet film.. ya hiwet nay asmeraino azkirna yake<3

  31. fili says:

    filpos  kaf  zalewa

  32. Anonymous says:

    By far this was the worst Eritrean movie I have ever seen. It was not worth filming at all. I pity all the people whohad anything to do with the movie and money wasted for such nonsense, cheap and worthless film. One could not understand what the story was about, what its message was, and if the director  had any clue of directing. What was also most striking was that Eri Tv let this cheap movie be broadcasted. I think the actors could have declined to act in such a dull and monotonous movie. How come the accountant went out proclaiming his profession out on the street? who hires such one? The way the offices were set was totally a mess. This is a really bad picture of other Eritrean movies, Eritrean writers and movie makers. What had the title ASMARINO to do with the whole mess?
    I regret for the time I lost while watching this movie. I was hoping it might be better next part, but to my disappointment it proved to be worse. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  33. nahom abraham (wedi ramjan) says:

    kemzi aynet film dea mimo keman miserhe hahahahahhaha

  34. LR says:

    The only part of this movie-serie that i like is the ending of part three, especially when the guy with the dreads go on the mountain and is really upset and ask for forgiveness, i can relate to his sorrow.  The film seems to convey the invironment (not the plot) in a realistic manner, particular part two. At times i felt claustrofobic, mentally and physically, watching part two and the beginning of part three. No offence.

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