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VIDEO: Interview with a talented Guitarist Tekle (Hiwket) Adhanom and singer Engineer Asgedom

Tekle (Hiwket) Adhanom is one of the greatest guitar players in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Some of his best work can be found in the Ethiopique series. Hiwket inspired so many guitar players. Tekle used to live in Milan, but then moved to Germany years ago.

Engineer Asgedom Woldemicael is also one of the popular singers in Eritrea. He developed passion for music at a younger age. He played music during and after his university years. His music inspired many youth to join the struggle for independence. He still plays and produces music.

Tekle Hiwket and Engineer Asgedom came to Asmara to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the National Union of Eritrean Workers.



Saba Sabina by Engineer Asgedom (posted by Seseg EastAfro Social Networking Member)



  1. bereket says:

    what a blessing day to see the 2 greatest eritreans guitarsits and singers thanks tv eri. teckle hiwuket our great father its really blessing to see you and i hope you will come back to stage soon and play that sweet guitar
    i really want to see you with your guitar
    god bless you guys

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is very amazing video .10q for sharing it. It is free dancing so nice.

  3. wediasmara says:

    In the video ”nsi diyu tegadalay’, you can see great commandos, architects, doctors, engineers, painters, sculptors..etc..as well as hear Tekle Adhanom’s great play. one word would describe this ..AMAZING

  4. Tesfa says:

    I am very Amazed to see the great guitarist Tekle hiwkot,I like the way he play music especialy SHITA MEROR.

    he is best I prey he may ones again offer us more.

  5. chicago says:


  6. Yigzaw Embaye Hadera says:

    I am so glad to watch Tekle interview.I was one of his big admirer at Zula club not far from home owned by Tekle Ayznahwer .I danced at the club as I was young those days.I am grandfather now/yigzaw

  7. The son of Red Sea (ER) says:

    I am proud of you both, you are the real people, you are the real inspiration, you are the real role models, honest people, i wish you all the best in your rest of you life. ~~Long live my people~~

  8. Daniel says:

    I am so happy to see Tekle Hiwket after so many years. I loved his way of playing Guitar and all his songs from the 80th. I especially remember him playing on stage in Bologna Italy as member of Italy Hafash Widibat and as member of MekaliH group. I wish to see him back on stage playing the guitar with his amazing ability.

  9. Senai Zemenfes says:

    What a great interview!!! These two music giants made my day. I am a fun of Tekle Hiwket, and I believe to these days he is one the best guitarist not only in Africa, but also in the world.

  10. eritrawi says:

    I really enjoyed watching this interview. I had some knowledge of Engineer Asghedom’s background in music, but my knowledge of Tekle Adhanom was limited to his music from the mid 1980s. I particularly enjoyed the two tapes he released c. 1984. It was nice, through this interview, to have his background in music. I urge ERI-TV to do this kind of interviews more often. It should take its time to introduce its viewers to Eritrean artists on a regular basis than only on holidays. I say ERI-TV should get rid of its “liela” with Hollywood actors and focus on its own. If there is one ERI-TV program that makes me feel like throwing up is the Liela program in Mosaic that tries to introduce viewers with western actors. My reaction to that program is “who cares?!”

    An advice to Engineer Asghedom; the reason we love you so much is that you have a deep knowledge of the Tigrigna language. Your interview was great, but I was disappointed to hear you use lots of English phrases and sentences. Please think about it. It is not the image we have of you. Stay away from using English when you are giving interview in Tigrigna. ayemHrelkan’yu.

  11. Asmara says:

    For me, this is the highlight of 2009. TV ERI for the first time made history by bringing such talented and incredibly gifted musicians.

    Tekle is a legend and to appreciate his work check the Ethiopques series of music that has been released in the last couple of years. It is a pitty that he is not playing anymore. I hope he will reconsider. Asghedom is as passionate as ever.

    They both are great admirers of Tewolde Redda, who is the finest Eritrean guitarist and composer. What makes him different from others is that he created and blended Tigrigna with modern and traditional instruments. Tewolde is a genius that Eritrea has failed to recognise and a person who has not been given the due recongnition that he deserves in history.

    My fellow Eritrean historians and musicians; If you happen to read this, then urge you to do whatever you can to conserve and document Eritrean musical history before it is too late, as I recently saw Tewolde’s clip on youtube and he looks old and fragile. It means all the musical History and knowledge that he has will dessipate with him and I doubt if he was given the opportunity to share and pass the wealth of musical knowledge he has to the younger generation.

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