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VIDEO: Eritrea Feature Movie series “Guya” (Part 12)

Eritrea: An ERI-TV Feature Movie Series “Guya.” An Isaias Tzeggai Movie. EVS production. Starring Fasil Tesfay, Luwam Tekeste, Tzega Mehari, and others…

Final Part



  1. helen says:

    wowwwwwwwwwww i love this movie but u didnt post part 13 so can u pls post part 13


  2. sarwat says:


  3. aasdfas says:

    i don;t understand what lemlem was saying how stupid could she bee. first she was helping her to get out the the country and at the end she was crying like a baby when her daughter was lost but when her son Daniel told her they are caught then she rebels she is very stupid really stupid……………….sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  4. ghirmay says:

    There is no part 13, that is why

  5. wedi eri says:

    Can u post number 13 please .? how can u stop u have to long way …………………

  6. danie says:

    the movie is so nice but can you post nember 13 if you can please

  7. helen says:

    we r waiting for u to post part 13
    can u pls post part 13

  8. Anonymous says:

    can u please posted part 13 i like this movie

  9. lemlem says:

    i hate tigrena drama they don’t know how to end it

  10. RODDIE says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    what do u mean this is the last

  12. Yosief says:

    Thanks for the timely and interesting film. Please upload part 13.

  13. sarwat says:

    i dont think there is part 13. they posted saying that 12 is the final part

  14. danie says:

    I hate tgrina film man tgrina film is — the don,t now how to finish the movie.

    and what do you mean it is finish.

  15. EDU says:

    Can’t beleive part 12 was the final part.Darn it.The movie was good but the final part not really how i expect it to end.

  16. romio says:

    can you post the rest of the movie Mr Admin man

  17. kibreab says:

    can u post the rest part
    i like this film

  18. austin texas says:

    what do you mean the rest – Amiche will not serve in sawa b/c he is the master mind – therefore he will be tried as a criminal beside he is portrayed as an enemy (speaks amharic too much :-() The two young ladies after sawa one is waiting to mary her (the kirar guy – that is another story in itself :-() I think the mistake was the older brother who resided in a foreign country to go out of the desire of the father (who insisted from the get go that the daughter should never live Asmara till she is ready for it) the man had a lot of time to think (he was on a wheel chair sleeping by himslef :-( Anyway they caught them faster that the FBI would have – great job Eritrean security forces. Very good story with talented director and team – very good title for the movie – I AM GOING TO BUY THE DVD and tell other ppl to do so too. Most of all thank you East Afros staff.

  19. zeray says:

    wwwwwwwwwwww this moive is realy nice but i was surprise at the end of this movie, we need solve of our problem b/c it is not only this movie almost tigrina movie it doesn't finsh . pls pls can u post the rest of this movie and then what is the fine of the stuipt uanit and amishe man. pls seen us whta is the concoulision               

  20. Segen says:

    Issaias Tegai, you got some cool movies but this one very very bad. selchuka du neru wedey? these comment is for those who asking part 13 to be post, cant you read it is clearly saying part 12 is the last part. give a break to he admin. ewa rebshkmom eko.

  21. Anonymous says:

    you have nice jewelry movie

  22. Daniel says:

    Waw very interesting movies  I realy appericate u Mr Isayas Tsegay .At this time you are doing alot and also a great jump for our arts .Than k u alot .

  23. Anonymous says:

    does this movie continue or is it finished????????? plz. tell me i love this movie !!!!!!!!

  24. admin says:

    There is no part 13, that is why..

  25. admin says:

    Episode 12 was the last one, there is no part 13. It states FINAL PART on the page!

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