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VIDEO: Eritrea Feature Movie series “Guya” (Part 11)

Eritrea: An ERI-TV Feature Movie Series “Guya.” An Isaias Tzeggai Movie. EVS production. Starring Fasil Tesfay, Luwam Tekeste, Tzega Mehari, and others…



  1. HAREGU1 says:

    we love you beautifull ppl
    Wonderfull movi God belss eritrea.

  2. ZABEHERE MYTE says:

    can u post 12 PLEaz dis movioe is interstin

  3. nardos says:

    this movie reminds me of someone special

  4. helen says:

    i love dis movie but u didnt post part 12 13 can u pls post 12 and 13 and the rest


  5. senait says:


  6. ZABHIARA MAytemenai says:

    i think 12 is de last !! am i right Eastafrino

  7. selam says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you guys are are doing a good job . first of all i want to say thank you and then can you plz post part 12 and another parts .

  8. yohannes says:

    hi deki eri
    I love dis movi the guys and the word GOD blles you thanks

  9. hermwla says:

    hi its wonder full movie thanks GUys may alot of ppl will be learn samething

  10. Melotti says:

    Please don’t ask Estafro to post any number of Series. It comes once a week.

  11. Simret says:

    I love most Isayas tzggai Movie. But this movie (Guya) is the worse movie ever. BETAMI HEMAK MOVIE EYA. Isayas selchuka neru kekwin alwo neza ketsreh kelka. Kale Movie nateka gen I LOVE IT. thank you kea yebleka.

  12. ades says:

    its good movie but i coud`t understand what`s wrong with sara`s dady,if he has bad idea about diaspora,,why does he send his ferst son some where away from his country….his son is the one who provides every thing for the familey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i know how hard is to go a way from home.

  13. Anonymous says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii betame dass tebel film 

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