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VIDEO: Eritrea Movie “BAHRI” (Part 3)

Eritrea: An ERI-TV Featured Movie "Bahri"



  1. filli says:

    w0000w its nice movie thxxxxxxxxxxxxxasmaraino 5 its wonderful i like it

  2. DY says:

    Love it… Love it…. Love it!!!!

  3. helen says:

    w000w dis is gorgeous but u didnt post part 4 so post part 4 pls

  4. SARA says:


  5. haregu says:

    Already having this videa
    I have to say i love it.

  6. yonas says:

    it is great movie with alittle exaturation of the cat fight,which we never seen before habesha women sliced with a knife as a tomato.the rest of it is great.

  7. Anonymous says:

    its nice but the ending …………..i didnt get it

  8. Lingo says:

    i really like it .. thanx asmarino

  9. helen says:

    i  love   this movie it  is reall nice   but  there is not part  4   so can  u post  it

  10. Jo says:

    the end is poor really poor

  11. roza says:

    i dont like this movie but  can u
    send part 4

  12. wawawiwaw says:

    there is no part 4  if you get the idea.it is nice movie i love it,,,,,,,,,

  13. eritrea for ever says:

    nice movie

  14. dunya says:

    where is the end of this movie dont tell me this is the end dammm

  15. Anonymous says:

    mara biela film

  16. the best film i like it

  17. sele says:

    Jamal salh (who play the colonel), and I grow up together. He
    was my best friend. I knew then he was going to be a good actor and writer. Well
    done jimmy. Your old friend sele.

  18. Haile says:

    I have seen this film several times and I could not stop watching it.  It is really fantastic. However, I always wish to see Bahri combine with his comerades, because they do not know him.  I also want to know how bahri came to what his had been and for how long.

  19. rufta says:

    really it's perfact and the true fillm

  20. admin says:

    There is no part 4, that is why..

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