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VIDEO: Eritrea Feature Movie series “Guya” (Part 7)

Eritrea: An ERI-TV Feature Movie Series “Guya.” An Isaias Tzeggai Movie. EVS production. Starring Fasil Tesfay, Luwam Tekeste, Tzega Mehari, and others…



  1. JEBEHA says:

    very very good film

  2. JEBEHA says:

    i like Arsema she look good

  3. dav says:

    Dear shingrawa judges,do you all have the ablity to sing?if yes what is your profesion ? your comment is not rely impresed, you r gues you need to do more training how to give comment .


  4. tesfaldetabraha says:

    this move is showing that want to go to outside to ather countrys is not bad bat the risk you take with out your parents like sinkig with your firnds or some one told you evry thing is esy so taking the risk without talking to your parents so igive this move athambs up &it is agood move for young boys& girls

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