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VIDEO: Tiway Netzela Eritrea Drama Movie – Helen Meles

VIDEO: Tiway Netzela Eritrea Drama Movie – Starring Helen Meles




  1. Adonay says:

    I love this drama and Helen!  I sow ths drama more than 6 times!!!

  2. Mela says:

    I love it

  3. bla elwo says:

    hi gemey aleki f

  4. Wedi Asmara says:

    This is a nice movie. I realy like this movie. I like Helen meles too. She was good.  I love Eritrea

  5. erigirl says:

    great job helu love it

  6. haben says:

    nice one…helen shikor

  7. eriigirl says:

    nice dramaaa

  8. hruy says:

    i don have enough word for u when i compare with others

  9. Wedi Asmara says:

    what a lovely drama is that?????!!!!!!!!!!!        It was fantastic. I realy like it  especialy Helen Meles and her husband. He was very funny. I hope EASTAFRO will upload other great movies like this. :)  

  10. Anonymous says:

    i love et

  11. Anonymous says:

    sina debesay edme 6

  12. Merkeb says:

    Tiway Netzela Eritrea Drama Best Of Film Tirgrinya

  13. Jonatan says:

    Very nice film, It makes me cray.
    Awet n'hafash and God bless Eritrea.

  14. yemane says:

    i know that all thAT WE DANE IS BEST IM PROUD OF YOU

  15. nadi says:

    i love it n it makes me cry.

  16. FANIEL says:

    I like it. it's funny movie if you make more movie, you will be puplar person in Erirean.

  17. hi deki asmera shkorinatat

  18. Eti zgermeni ane ksab lomi nay kunat wedi k

  19. robimessi says:

    waw it is good l love this

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