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Asmara’s Art Deco staged in Torino, Italy

Arts exhibition depicting history and charm of Asmara’s Art Deco staged in Torino

July 4,  2008   

An arts exhibition depicting the history and charm of Asmara’s Art Deco has been staged in the Italian city of Torino.

The exhibition organized Mr. Naigzi Gebremedhin, an Eritrean who is expert, in collaboration with German friends of Eritrea includes significant old and new documents, building styles and research study highlighting the charm of the Eritrean capital. It is aimed at reinforcing Eritrea’s efforts to acquaint the historical buildings of Asmara city to the world community, and thereby place them in the list of world heritage.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, the Eritrean Ambassador to Italy, Mr. Zemede Tekle, expressed appreciation to all those who made due contribution in organizing it. He further indicated that the historical buildigs dating to the days of the Italian colonialism were properly preserved due to the fact that the Eritrean people are proud of their history, culture and artifacts.

The exhibition that was first staged in the German city of Berlin on 3 October 2006 has so far been displayed in London, Tel-Aviv, Cairo and Lagos.

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